Chemist Warehouse

Over the last 16 years Chemist Warehouse has grown from a single shop in the outer Western suburbs of Melbourne to become one of Australia’s top 10 retailers. Today, the group has over 400 stores across Australia!
The secret to our success is the combination of the finest possible customer service paired with competitively priced, quality products. We take great pride in being innovative, competitive and responsive to the changing needs and challenges of our market place. 
We trade in all states and territories, we serve over 1.5 million+ customers and dispense 500,000+ prescriptions a week and we continue to strive to grow, to do more, to be better.
Chemist Warehouse has won numerous accolades and awards, been voted one of Australia’s best brands, and one of Australia’s most trusted retailers. The greatest indication of our success is the fact that more than 12,000+ employees have chosen our family, this company as the place to work and further their careers.

144 jobs at Chemist Warehouse


Location: Queanbeyan, NSW

Size: more 1000