Srmo/reg/emergency medicine/urgent care

A Metropolitan VIC hospital requires a Junior Medical Officer in Emergency Medicine/Urgent care:

Urgent care service
Monday 16th Sept 1930-0800
Tuesday 17th Sept 0730-2000
Wednesday 18th Sept 0730-2000
Wednesday 18th Sept 1930-0800
Sunday 22nd Sept 0730-2000
Tuesday 1st Oct 1930-0800
Wednesday 2nd Oct 1930-0800
Thursday 3rd Oct 1930-0800

Urgent care service
Monday 16th Sept 0900-1600
Sunday 29th Sept 0900-1600

There are Consultant Anaesthetists , O&G and Paediatricians on call through the day and night. Telephone support from Director of Urgent care at all times.

Hospital only take category 3,4,5 patients – 1 and 2 category patients are seen but may be ambulance transferred to Ballarat or Western Health.

• Sole doctor for nights, do not need to intubate but need to be confident as Urgent Care doctors.
• Nurses work closely with the doctor and triage all patients on arrival
• Must remain at hospital for full shift, no going off site or to accommodation
• Paediatrician and Anaesthetist Specialists are available on call if needed


For further information about this job, please contact Neil Morton on 1300 900 100.

Skilled Medical


Posted: 10 September 2019

Will be removed: 25 September 2019

Location:  Frankston, VIC