Telehealth support nurse

Never heard of a “Telehealth Support Nurse” role before? Neither have we. But we like to do things a little differently at Kin. 


At Kin Fertility, we think that the information available for women on fertility health is lacking - plagued with misleading, conflicting and confusing information that lacks a clear path to action. As a result, many women are making decisions about their fertility on broken information.

We want to change this. 

At Kin, our vision is to empower Australian women to take control and make decisions about their fertility. We’re taking the same fertility hormone tests offered in fertility clinics and making it more accessible and digestible for women.

If you have a passion for improving women’s health and are keen to make an impact, then hopefully we are the place for you. 


We’re super excited to be shaping a Customer Success role, with a Medical twist 💫.  

The role will consist of doctor consultation management, dedicated patient support and customer advocacy. 

As a Telehealth Support Nurse, you’ll play an absolutely critical role in supporting our customers with any medical and health related questions they may have. On top of this, you’ll have a valuable role in communicating feedback back to the team and helping us shape our product roadmap, to continually build better versions of Kin for our customers. 

We’re hoping that this is a rare opportunity to learn how to apply medical training in both a patient context as well as in business operations. 

This will be a part-time role within business hours in the first 2-3 months, with the opportunity to transition to full-time after. 

Specifically, the role entails: 

  • Supporting and educating patients through any general medical questions or product questions that they have via email and calls

  • Managing the consultation flow for Doctors on the Kin telehealth platform 

  • Building strong, friendly customer relationships to ensure long-term customer happiness

  • Reviewing, synthesising and communicating customer feedback and help shape our product roadmap to respond to customer needs

  • Helping to establish policies, processes and a knowledge base that the team can leverage so that all customers can receive the same quality service


With regards to background, we are flexible. We want you to demonstrate to us that you can respond to complicated, sensitive and general medical questions in a clear and empathetic way. 

This likely means that you:

  • Are empathetic, caring and energised by helping people and making an impact

  • Can communicate clearly, empathetically and effectively, both verbally and written 

  • Are patient and an active listener with fantastic interpersonal skills 

  • Are a self-starter with a knack for solving problems and keeping cool under pressure

  • Are highly organised and reliable

  • Have medical training and experience (ideally, a registered nurse) 

  • Have a strong level of medical knowledge related to women’s health and fertility

  • Have experience in a customer support or nursing role


You will have:

  • The opportunity to shape the Customer Success function of the business from the ground up

  • The opportunity to work alongside an experienced (and kickass) team in launching and growing telehealth businesses

  • The opportunity to play a strong role in shaping product design and product development

  • Direct access and training from Medical Professionals (e.g., Fertility Specialists, General Practitioners)

  • Potential opportunity to move into a full-time role in a few months

Kin Fertility


Posted: 04 December 2019

Location:  Parramatta, NSW