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Job reference: 371530
Location: 5000 - ADELAIDE
Job status: Long Term Contract
Eligibility: Open to Everyone

South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) are seeking applications for appointment as an Ordinary Member of the Tribunal. Ordinary Members are non-judicial officers appointed by his Excellency the Governor for a term of three to five years.

SACAT is a state Tribunal that helps people in South Australia to resolve matters within civil and administrative law, either through agreement at a conference or mediation, or through a decision at a hearing. SACAT also conducts reviews of Government decisions. The Tribunal’s jurisdiction has recently expanded and it now determines matters arising from over 80 Acts of Parliament.

SACAT is an independent statutory body that strives to be accessible and responsive to user needs, and deals with cases in a range of jurisdictions, such as residential tenancies, mental health, guardianship and administration, professional disciplinary reviews and a wide range of administrative decisions made by other areas of Government.

SACAT has been established for almost five years, utilises end-to-end digital systems and strives for continuous improvement, efficiency, accessibility and the delivery of fair outcomes.

Appointees must have five years’ standing as a legal practitioner or have extensive knowledge, expertise or experience relating to relating to a class of matter for which functions may be exercised by the Tribunal. Experience as a tribunal member or in appearing in tribunals or in alternative dispute resolution is desirable.

SACAT currently has approximately 50 Ordinary Members, of whom 6 are part time or full time and the remainder are sessional. This recruitment process directed at part time and full time Members will allow the Tribunal to ensure that it has the optimal mix of skill within its part time and full time cohort, and the appropriate balance of part time, full time and sessional members.

A Member of SACAT must not engage in other work that presents a conflict of interest or duty with the role of Member.

For confidential discussions about the role please contact Anne Lindsay, Principal Registrar, on (08) 7424 7160 or anne.lindsay@sa.gov.au.

Applications close: 18/12/2019 11:30 PM

Government of South Australia


Posted: 04 December 2019

Location:  Adelaide, QLD