Classroom Teacher - EAL


Wodonga West Primary School is seeking applications from teachers who show a love of learning and teaching and who are committed to their profession.  As part of our staff team you will be expected to contribute to the friendly and cooperative nature of our school.  You will also be encouraged to demonstrate your creative and innovative talents to the delivery of the school’s educational programs.

Our school selects teachers who:

Are clearly able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of curriculum;

  • Can clearly articulate a set of beliefs about how children best learn;
  • Can successfully plan, organise and implement programs in a school that uses modern approaches to learning and teaching.
  • Understands the importance of and willingly participates in professional development, professional renewal and reflection.
  • Shows a commitment to whole school life by participating in all school activities. 

What can you expect from our school?

Our school has a strong focus on learning.  We are committed to the development of our teachers with professional development opportunities offered in learning, teaching and leadership.  You will be part of a vital, stimulating and challenging learning environment with high expectations of staff and students.  The skills you bring to this environment will be valued and used.  Our school is now operating in new contemporary open learning spaces and share a good relationship with our broader school community.  We pride ourselves on our well resourced classrooms and innovative programs.

Preparing your application:

Your application should persuade us that you are the best person for this job.  It does not need to be long but should help us decide if you would fit easily into our school philosophy and learning and teaching team.

Included is a snapshot of our schools expectations of our teaching staff.

Our selection process:

After the closing date, our selection committee will meet and consider the material forwarded by applicants.  The committee will short list applicants for interview, interviews will be conducted, references collected and/or referees contacted and a letter of offer will be forwarded to the successful applicant.

The teacher selected to this position will:

Provide learning experiences for children based on each child’s individual needs and the requirements of School Council and Department of Education Employment and Training Policy by:

  • Establishing the learning levels of individuals in an objective way.
  • Developing learning plans that cater for the individual needs of children as well as school program needs.
  • Setting challenging yet achievable goals for individual children.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the attainment and progress of each child and using this information to set new goals.
  • Working collaboratively, as part of a learning community of educators, to continually reflect on and improve our pedagogy and ultimately student outcomes.

Develop a classroom culture where individuals are encouraged, respected and challenged intellectually, physically and socially by:

  • Progressing from a high level of teacher control and decision making to children taking greater control for decisions about their learning as the year progresses.
  • Ensuring all children experience success.
  • Using praise and positive reinforcement as the predominant classroom management strategy.
  • Developing a classroom that is attractive, stimulating place where resources are well managed.
  • Recognising differences in children through individualised or small group instruction or through the use of a variety of classroom management strategies.

Focus the attention of others on matters of importance to the school by:

  • Establishing and maintaining regular communication with parents and other appropriate members of the school community
  • Supporting the school’s image in the community by respecting confidentiality, resolving problems within the school and promoting the children’s positive attributes.
  • Participating in school events.

Contribute fully to the work of Wodonga West Primary School including:

  • Learning, growing and reflecting through the school’s professional development program.
  • Participating in staff and Professional Learning team meetings.
  • Assisting where required in the development of School Policy and Programs.
  • Further the involvement of parents in the learning of children.
  • Providing leadership and direction in designated areas of the work of the school.

Be willing to continue to use Modern Technology (ICT) as a tool to assist children and your own learning.

Please note that all applications must go through the application steps described on the original position description.