Telecommunications Specialist

We are looking for a telecommunications specialist to construct, install, monitor, repair and maintain communications systems and equipment.
The successful candidate will be familiar will telephone and data cables, wiring, circuits, digital computers and all related systems and devices. Responsibilities
Manage, supervise and provide technical advice on telecommunications systems
Receive feedback, identify users’ needs and requirements and mobilize existing technology to meet their criteria
Document plans, requests, activities and specifications and report on them
Program features, design networks and systems and allocate resources as necessary
Monitor and test systems and peripheral equipment and troubleshoot problems
Evaluate systems performance level and improve capabilities as needed
Oversee and coordinate telecommunications activities
Purchase electronic equipment and prepare budgetary justifications
Cooperate with management to develop staff and improve their skills
Follow industry’s standards and best practices Requirements
Proven work experience as a telecommunications specialist
Hands on experience with all telecommunications systems including peripheral equipment
Adequate interpersonal and organisational skills
Team player with customer service orientation