Children And Families Minister

One Church is a Christian community seeking to explore issues of faith and life in ways that make sense in contemporary Australia. We believe that church should be a place where people find acceptance, encouragement, hope and meaning as they connect with God and each other.

Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, One Church is committed to connect, support and deepen the faith of all children and families within our faith community as well as the wider community.

As the Children and Families Pastor at One, you’ll realise how important your role will be. Our congregation, supported by our facilities, endorse how essential children’s and families are to our church and to our local community.  You will be passionate about leading, developing and inspiring leaders of all ages. And be across all Church Safety requirements.

You will be a strong believer that children are important members of our church now, and not just for our future. As a creator of culture, you’ll find innovative ways to develop the faith development of our children, as well as being their strongest champion across the church-wide community. You will also have a desire to bring families together in social and spiritual ways.

With our youth and young adults integrally connected with children’s ministry through leadership, you will work closely with the Youth and Young Adults Pastor to bring strong collaboration across the whole generations area.  You will be a committed, passionate leader to help them all grow and develop.

Our Children and Families Pastor will be someone who:

·         Seeks to love God and others through servant leadership

·         Genuinely cares for people in and outside the church – particularly our younger generations

·         Has strong emotional intelligence

·         Values healthy relationships

·         Works well within a team as well as leading teams

·         Can create and implement a vision for Children and Families ministry

·         Is well organised and communicates effectively

·         Has been involved in and is highly passionate about Children and Families ministry

·         Has been employed in Children’s Ministry for 5 years

·         Must be eligible for Accreditation with Churches of Christ and must comply with Code of Ethics and child protection requirements.

If you would like to be a part of an incredible church community and fit the criteria, we would love to hear from you. You can request further background information and a full position description via email: *****