Business Development Manager (Recruitment Services)

Employment Office (EO) is part of the Scout Talent Group - a group of Australian companies dedicated to recruitment marketing, talent attraction and digital innovation.

EO partners with organisations across the country to deliver strategic recruitment solutions and services. We are experts in recruitment marketing and candidate attraction, shortlisting and candidate selection and offer best-of-breed candidate management software solutions to frazzled and overworked HR Managers and Executive teams everywhere.

We're looking to grow our team of Business Development & Account Management experts so we can grow our business. Smart right?

If you're a Business Development Manager with 3-5 years experience, or a 360 Recruiter looking to move away from an end-to-end role to focus on the fun half of the job, have we got the opportunity for you! 

So...who ARE we looking for?

We need savvy, solution-focused problem solvers, who know how to navigate a sales cycle, hold their own in a corporate conversation and have the drive and persistence to close sales and grow their client base - oh, and who aren't afraid to pick up the freakin' phone! 

We're looking for someone who has a hunter mentality and enjoys the thrill of winning new business, feels comfortable consulting with C-suite decision makers about their organisation and treats every objection as an opportunity to educate their prospect on the value of what we can do. 

You've got to become deft at recognising recruitment shortfalls within a business and know exactly which solution to suggest. You've got to know when to shut the hell up and listen, and when a collaborative effort might help you get a prospect over the line.

You need good sales instincts, you just can't be afraid to close the sale, and you've got to be passionate about finding a solution for someone that actually works.

Is it tough? Well... we could use words like 'challenging' or 'an opportunity for growth and development' - but we'd rather just be honest and tell you that in your first year….this job is hard. You're going to chase prospects who 'promised' they'd buy what you're selling for weeks on end, and sometimes it will feel like you're speaking to more answering machines than actual humans...

But we’re kind of hoping you’re used to that… that you’re the kind of person who knows it's a numbers game...that every 'no' gets you closer to that ‘yes’. You’re a Business Development Manager dammit - you eat rejection for breakfast. who might we be looking for?

If you love working with clients and managing relationships, growing accounts and up-selling/cross-selling - eventually, this job will be PERFECT for you...but you'll be responsible for winning those clients and growing your portfolio from the ground up. We talked about the whole eating rejection from breakfast, didn't we? We did!

GOOD! who aren't we looking for?

Well, we want to stress, this is a phone-based sales role. If you're looking for something with a customer service focus or hoping to develop your administration skills, you're going to hate us REAL FAST (honestly, check out our GlassDoor - we're not for everyone ... surprising right? We sound so nice!). If you love the idea of helping candidates find meaningful work and furthering careers, then this isn't for you either, this is a business development and account management position so you'll be working alongside clients - not candidates.  

What are you looking for?

Hopefully you’re looking to either shift into recruitment sales or to continue your career. We're hoping that company culture is important to you. Ours is super duper good (again, even our negative GlassDoor reviews say that we're really fun and we hire the best people, so it must be true?) and you can enjoy it just by SHOWING UP? Amazing! 

We hope you're someone that flourishes under targets - we know our numbers, we've seen what it takes to be successful in this job. If KPIs & sales tracking isn't up your alley - BEST YOU HEAD BACK THE WAY YOU CAME - no hard feelings, better we let you know now! But if you thrive in an environment that fosters drive, passion and a little friendly competition, you'll value knowing what you need to achieve, and appreciate the support on hand to help you get there.

Learning and development should be high on your list of priorities. Career progression doesn’t have to be, you might just want to make a big stack of cash and do silly things with it, but if you’re trying to map out your path to sales leadership, we’re focused on developing our leaders internally - this could be a great first step!

What’s the next step?

If the above has left you intrigued, great, we’d love to hear from you. Simply hit the apply button, complete the first-round interview questions online and submit your resume with us. We’re looking to bring someone on board as soon as possible, so you can expect to hear from us soon!

Hint - if you don’t fill out the first-round interview questions, we probably won’t read your resume ... so take the time to think of something quick-witted and clever - we did.