AU - Technical Administration Assistant – Motor / Caravan

Purpose of Position: Providing technical, administrative and clerical assistance to the National Motor and Caravan team. This position will be required to work alongside other team members in the business to ensure the efficient running of business operations. Key Crawford Behaviours: Customer Focus: Focus on understanding and meeting the customer's needs. Involves actively seeking information to understand internal and external customers’ circumstances, problems, expectations, and needs
Organisational/Time Management: Effectively prioritises work and meets deadlines. Involves allocating time and resources efficiently and effectively; managing multiple assignments or tasks effectively.
Quality: Consistently produces high quality work. Involves professional presentation of documents, with high level of accuracy.
Communication/Interpersonal Skills: Communicates clearly and professionally with both internal and external clients. Involves conveying information, both written and verbal, in a clear and concise manner.
Responsiveness: Responds to requests for information, emails and returns telephone calls promptly and professionally
Adaptability: Demonstrates tolerance for uncertainty; responds to changing circumstances by being innovative and altering behaviour to better fit different situations; learn new skills, perform work in different ways; willing to be flexible.
Teamwork: Works cooperatively with others and build effective working relationships to accomplish common team goals and objectives. Involves understanding team dynamics, fostering collaboration, providing a tangible contribution and listening and responding to the input of others in a manner that creates an environment of mutual trust and respect. Willingness to transfer knowledge and skills as appropriate Key Relationships:

  • Motor/Caravan Assessors – Internal and external
  • Technical Staff members
  • Administration Assistants
  • Clients
  • Service providers & repairers
Technical Skills Required:
  • Computer literate
  • High level literacy & adequate numeracy skills
  • Word Processing skills
  • Document formatting skills