Product Owner, Payroll Product

Would you like to join a diversely talented team doing the best work of their lives?

The UK Payroll Product team thrives on making it simple for small businesses everywhere to pay their people correctly and with confidence.

We are looking for a Product Owner who understands Xero's mission, who can communicate a clear vision of the aspirations of the problems to be solved and customer value to be provided in the product to the delivery teams; we rely on you every day for this guidance and leadership as they develop the solutions.

About the team

As a diverse product delivery team, we are a mix of product, design & engineering talent with strong experience for the Payroll industry & Product disciplines.

Balancing a blend of deep domain knowledge of humans with long standing experience in Xero & Payroll, with powerful fresh new eyes - we think differently in Payroll, delivering a winning combination of delightful experiences for Xero customers.

About the role

Great Product Ownership is to communicate with concise outcome driven thinking, vigorous decision making and routinely evangelising Payroll, through engagement with key stakeholders.

  • Provide a sense of direction for the product delivery team, as well as product stakeholders and other teams. Provide radical transparency with product managers to help define the product roadmap and agree the key goals, measures, outcomes and estimate timeframes.
  • Clarify the customer problem that is being solved, removing ambiguity and uncertainty by extracting requirements, negotiating priorities and facilitating sessions.
  • Guide the product, engineering and design teams through estimation to validate customer value, using agreed techniques which are measurable and adaptive.
  • Regularly call out impediments, making difficult decisions with the team and only escalating what needs to be escalated with the product manager, be aligned on what’s needed and what you’re working towards.
  • Work autonomously with cross functional teams to manage dependencies to get mutually beneficial outcomes and ensure technical debt doesn’t accumulate.
  • Measure and regularly report on ‘getting it done’ sprints cycles by tracking performance and eliminating waste, to deliver real customer and business value.
  • Communicate and collaborate tactical activities such as coordinating meetings, organising demos, conducting usage analysis, and stimulating a continuous customer feedback loop.
About You

As a Product Owner within Xero you will be working with a talented development team and responsible for executing on our product vision and roadmap by creating and delivering beautiful products and services, to win the hearts and minds of customers around the world.

You will

  • Go deeper on your understanding through asking clarifying questions, removing ambiguity and uncertainty by extracting requirements, negotiating priorities and facilitating sessions.
  • work in an agile way, following build-measure-learn method, regularly making good judgment calls and trading off, continually putting the customer first.
  • create a sense of shared ownership bringing Product Delivery together with x-functionally teams to ensure that customer experiences are delightful and consistent with our in-product experience, removing any friction.
  • you will practice great collaborative relationships with peers in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product, Support and CX, finding data to test your ideas through the discovery, define, develop and deliver processes.
  • you will be a fantastic collaborator, guiding teams communicating the business value and value to the customer, of technical problems to solve complex and varied pain points.
What you'll bring with you
  • Willingness to make decisions with incomplete information, and to allow others to make decisions too.
  • A relentless customer centric value drive while staying focused on the purpose and objectives.
  • Be adaptive to changing circumstances, both in terms of product development techniques and delivery methods.
  • Possess a passion for continual learning, be open to constant change and adapt to feedback provided for improvement.
By joining Xero you’ll be working in a rapidly growing global company that is making life better for people in small business, their advisors and communities around the world. We believe in inspiring people to do the best work of their lives, if you do too then apply!