Quite Possibly The Coolest Marketing Role Ever!

Would you like to join a fun team that develops electronic products that you'd never thought possible and exports them all over the world?


Then come and talk to us.

Let me introduce ourselves… We're Elexon. We're a group of innovation companies. We develop and manufacture electronic products for an assortment of niche markets: for the mining industry, ecological market (e.g. detecting bats), water quality control and advertising, to name just a few. Some of these products are not what you'd expect: such as electronic products that withstand blasting in underground mines and the world's first battery powered mobile digital sign.  We're continually developing great new products. We're good at it and we really enjoy it.

We're based in Brendale, which is north of Brisbane. Our products go to every continent except Antarctica - products designed, developed and manufactured right here in Australia.

We are in a strong growth phase with a lot of new product development. We've achieved great successes, even though our marketing hasn't been our strongest suit. That's where you come in.

We need someone who will take care of our marketing materials; stuff like brochures, websites, banners for product launches, the boxes that our products are shipped in, and the like. We need you to make all of this happen without having to micro-manage you. For example, when we need a brochure and website update, you'll interview whoever you need to get the info and then produce an awesome draft that's close to what we need, without needing to be spoon-fed along the way.

We're looking for two people: one full time and one part time. The full-time person will concentrate on Elexon Mining, our mining technology business. The part-time person will concentrate on Elexon Electronics, which develops electronics for other companies. The work involved is similar for both roles, but with different types of customers. The hours for the part time role are flexible, between 20 or 30 hours per week. That could be ideal if you've got school aged kids (and are able to send them to school now that Australia has conquered Coronavirus). When you apply, please indicate in your covering letter whether you prefer the part time or the full time role.

In each case, you'll be the only marketing person in your respective company within the group. You'll be an important member of a team, working with your teammates to design and produce your materials.

The marketing materials we need require different skills to produce. We don't expect you to have all of these skills yourself. You can choose to outsource the bits you're less good at; or if you like, you can challenge yourself and learn new skills and thereby grow into an all-rounder. We have in mind that one of your core skillsets is to produce good copy. You should quickly understand how the customer wants to be communicated with and the information we need to convey; then you'll prepare the right words for our market. There are plenty of people who can make cool artwork; what we need is someone who will get the overall concept right and write the best words. Your most important must-have skill is to "get stuff done". If you're a talker but not a doer, there are plenty of other jobs on Seek to apply for!

While a degree in marketing and relevant experience would be ideal, we're deliberately not specifying years of experience or what degrees you must have. We're more interested in the right talent and the right attitude. If you're missing some skills, we can help you to learn them.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain brochures and similar things (such as "Capability Statements"),
  • Keep improving our website,
  • Put Social Media to good use (in a way that doesn't pester our customers),
  • Help prepare proposals, and
  • Make our new product launches memorable for us and our customers (memorable for the right reasons – you know what we mean!).

You will need the following skills, experience and qualifications:

  • Ability to "get stuff done";
  • The ability to listen carefully;
  • Excellent skills at writing copy;
  • Strong ability to create new ideas;
  • Ability to "get stuff done";
  • Website design skills,
  • Excellent communication skills; and most importantly,
  • Ability to "get stuff done".

If you're still reading, you must be interested. Please apply – you (probably) won't regret it!

No agencies please.