Expression Of Interest: Cahoots Connects Team Leaders In Pilbara Region

Cahoots is seeking expressions of interest, as we plan expansion of our essential shopping and supply delivery service into the Pilbara region in June/July 2020.

We will provide updates in late early-mid June regarding expansion plans and timelines. 

Organisation Description 

About Kids Camps Inc. trading as Cahoots Org.  

Cahoots (previously known as Kids’ Camps) is a leading not for profit charitable organisation that has served the West Australian Community since 1982.  

Together with our partners, we provide opportunities for children and young people with disability and support for their families and carers.  

In everything that we do, we help people with disability reach their full potential. 

Cahoots Mission: 

‘To create inclusive opportunities for children and young people living with disability, and those facing other exceptional challenges, and to develop friendships, skills and confidence.’ 

Respect, Trust, Inspire, Collaborate and Celebrate are the values which guide our work. 

Cahoots delivers a wide range of inclusive camps and programs in Western Australia including: 

  • Programs for children (5-18yrs) 

  • 18+ Programs  

  • Camping programs 

  • High Support (1:1) 

  • Essential Shopping Delivery Service 

  • Access and Inclusion consultancy  

Cahoots is a community based not-for-profit service provider. We are committed to community development which is reflected within our vision statement: 

‘An inclusive community where children and young people living with disability, and others that face exceptional challenges, reach their full potential and where families and carers are supported.’

Position Summary 

The Service Delivery Team Leader (SDT Leader) is responsible for ensuring the Essential Shopping Delivery Service is planned and executed each day to the highest quality. The SD Team Leader is committed to overseeing the collection and delivery of goods within an allocated geographical region of the Perth metropolitan, or regional WA area. This includes the guidance and support for any of the Service Delivery Team (both staff and volunteers) within that area.  

The key priorities for this role are certifying the service delivery team (SDT) are aware of their responsibilities and undertake them to the highest level and guaranteeing that customers receive their orders in a professional way. 

Key functions of the role: 

  • Coordinate safe, quality shopping and delivery service to customers  

  • Communicate with customers and Cahoots head office team, updates regarding delivery service, especially any delivery estimation changes  

  • Ensuring supplies reach the customer safely, within agreed timeframes  

  • Work with the Workforce Coordinator and Assistant to manage the roster of the service delivery team (SDT).  

  • Be a Cahoots Connects ESDS ‘Brand Ambassador’ constantly, whilst ensuring safe, quality delivering of the service.  

  • Co-design Cahoots Connects ESDS, being part of the ongoing improvements and adaptations of the service delivery, design and customer experience.  

SD Team Leader reports to the Workforce Coordinator, whilst communicating directly with the Workforce Assistant regarding rosters, availability and other daily scheduling tasks, and is a critical link between order taking and fulfilment of the service. The Team Leader is responsible for all supply delivery team members (volunteers and paid staff) working in their allocated area and shifts. 

Being a Brand Ambassador for Cahoots Connects ESDS means ensuring the presentation, communication and public image of their team (including themselves) is maintained to the highest standard. Positive customer experience is critical and must align with Cahoots values and the ESDS priorities of quality and safety.   

Codesigning this service means every team member has agency and accountability for ensuring its success, for the customer, team and Cahoots organisation. This means; 

  • Providing continuous, considered feedback, which is focused on achieving a positive outcome quickly, with the least disruption to services and timing.  

  • A highly adaptive, proactive response to any issues or potential improvements identified is essential as Cahoots Connects SD Team Leader.  

We are all in this together.  

Duties and Responsibilities 

Please note:   

As this is a new role, and phase one of a new service, the role will continue to develop and evolve, which will be with your input and feedback as a key influence on how the role evolves.   

Phase one of the project is funded until July. Intent is to gain more funding and continue the service at least until the end of 2020.    

  • Below responsibilities are ordered in line with importance for Cahoots currently, though may change as the role and the organisation evolves, and. 

  • Amount of time dedicated to each responsibility is indicated by the percentage.  



Note: during early stages of this service, the Team Leader role is likely to be completing the shopping and delivery, as the service and team grows, they will move into more of a leadership, supervision and support role for their service delivery team members.  

  • Communicate orders and routes to Service Delivery Team (SDT) within an outlined geographical area of responsibility. 

  • Ensure SDT are dressed appropriately and aware of their responsibilities at beginning of the shift. 

  • Correspond with customers, and Cahoots head office, regular updates on service delivery, including. 

1. Estimated time of arrival (ETA)  

2. Variances in orders  

3. Completion of the service (delivery to customer)  

4. Safety protocol reminders (immediately report any safety breaches)  

  • Ensure all services are delivered adhering to Cahoots safety protocols, especially for high risk customers.  

  • Assist SDT to solve minor problems or elevating more significant problems to the coordinator. 

  • Monitor correct payment processes and return cash payments to the coordinator when required. 

  • Ensure best available goods are purchased and packed correctly for each customer, based on their order, classification (low, medium or high risk) and priority. 

  • Ensure all SDT always follow safety protocols (especially relating to abuse, isolation, mental health concerns and COVID19 transmission or exposure) and identify potential issues or risks with service delivery at any point. 

  • Lead by example constantly whilst representing Cahoots to all volunteers, staff and customers. 


  • Complete any incident reports for incidents that occur during a shift or sign off incident reports that are completed by Service Delivery Team (SDT). Examples of incidents that may require reporting are: 

  • Service Delivery Team (SDT) injury or illness 

  • Breach of safety protocol by workers or by customers 

  • Accident, Incidents and near misses relating to drivers and vehicles 

  • Damage/maintenance requirements of equipment  

  • Delivery errors/variances in timing or supplies. 

  • Risks or threats to SDT or customer safety from customers or others.  

  • Complete daily reports by email to confirm activities successfully completed within a geographical area. 

  • Provide feedback and evaluation on the performance of volunteers. 


  • Ensure all vehicles, and equipment being used are safe and secure prior to use, and during shifts.  

  • Confirm all equipment and vehicle policies and procedures are adhered to for all SDT through the day. 

  • Report on any service or repair needs for any equipment and vehicles being used. 

  • Communicate details for reimbursement for SDT in an organised and timely fashion. 



  • Ensure general work procedures are maintained to effectively manage information and resource distribution and collection in order to support excellent service provision to individuals both internal and external to Cahoots. 


  • Utilise policy and community developments to positively influence job outcomes and service delivery. 

  • Embrace and integrate Cahoots’ Vision, Mission and Values into all aspects of the role. 

  • Maintain a professional approach in all aspects of the role. 

  • Follow Cahoots conditions of employment, organisational policies and procedures and associated legislative requirements. 

  • Communicate and respond to communication in a timely and professional manner, meeting all deadlines with reason 

  • Other duties as delegated by the Workforce Coordinator or other Operations team Coordinators.  

Authority / Accountability 
  • Directly accountable to the Workforce Coordinator.    

  • Level of Financial authority- $100 within budget parameters.  

Mandatory Requirements / Qualifications 
  1. Demonstrated understanding of different types of disability rights and legislations, and disability access and inclusion, especially inclusive communication, and personal rights. 
  2. Deep understanding of, and commitment to, safety and health protocols necessary in assisting people living in isolation or at-risk of contracting Covid-19. 
  3. Demonstrated high level of interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to communicate and lead teams of people, take initiative, and resolve conflict. 
  4. Current full C class driver’s license. 
  5. Attention to detail with ability to prioritise and problem solve to achieve desired outcomes. 
  6. Smartphone, ability to download and use Cahoots workforce applications and access to email.  
  7. National Police Check, with no significant infringements or DUIs, and Working with Children Card. 
  8. Ability to obtain a WA Working with Children Clearance, and commitment to Cahoots safeguarding policy. 
  1. Previous experience in delivery driving. 
  2. Confidence with a range of communication methods. 
  3. Experience working with / leading a team of volunteers.
Safeguarding Children and People at Risk  

In addition to meeting your core functions, duties and responsibilities as outlined above, you are also required to meet the behaviour standards outlined in our Code of Conduct, as well as comply with all aspects of our Safeguarding Children and People at Risk Policy and Procedures. You will receive a copy of the Guidelines, Policy and Procedures during your induction process. The main responsibilities of your position at Cahoots with regards to Safeguarding Children and People at Risk are as follows: 

  • Promote a welcoming and safe environment for children and all people. 

  • Promote the safety and wellbeing of children and people at risk, to whom we provide services. 

  • Ensure that your interactions with children and people at risk are positive and safe. 

  • Provide adequate care and supervision of children and vulnerable people in your care. 

  • Act as a positive role model for children and all people. 

  • Report any suspicious concerns, allegations or disclosures of alleged abuse to management, and authorities if urgent. 

  • Maintain valid Working with Children documentation. 

  • Undergo National Criminal History Checks at the discretion of management; the cost of this is to be paid by the employee. 

  • Report to management any criminal charges and convictions you receive during the course of your employment that may indicate a possible risk to children and people at risk.  

Conditions of Employment 
  • This position is in accordance with the Social Community, Home Care and Disability Award. 

  • Maintaining mandatory qualifications / requirements. 

  • Be able to work a flexible roster, including early mornings, nights and weekends. 

  • Attendance and active participation at Cahoots meetings and training when requested. 

  • The tenure of employment at Cahoots is dependent on the retention of the Cahoots state and government funding. 

  • Ordinary hours are 6.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Sunday.  

  • Rosters will be completed a week prior to the service, with final shift confirmation taking place two days prior to the shift itself. 


Key Performance Indicators 

Role Specific Key Performance Indicators 

  • All order / dispatch targets are met or exceeded.  

  • Orders are delivered within agreed timeframes.   

  • Accurate and timely reporting of all relevant data   

  • Escalate concerns, only as required to Workforce Coordinator/Assistant  

  • All protocols and processes adhered to during service delivery.  

  • Positive feedback from all customers, and team members reporting to you in this role.  

  • Communication and requests from new and existing stakeholders, and head office are responded to promptly, within agreed timeframes (2 working days).   

  • Delivery of safe, quality services - all deliveries are evaluated to measure this success.  

  • Communication and requests from the Workforce Coordinator, or other coordinators within the Operations team, are responded to promptly, within agreed timeframes.  

General Key Performance Indicators 
  • To be committed to achieving the Cahoots Mission, Vision and Values. 

  • To be committed to working as a member of the Cahoots staff team. 

  • To demonstrate an effective understanding of Cahoots programs and services, and work area operations. 

  • To understand our commitment to the community of WA and its residents. 

  • Employees are encouraged to participate in a minimum of two community engagement / strengthening volunteer events per annum. These may include: 

  • Volunteering at Cahoots services including deliveries, programs and camps. 

  • Volunteering at CPP- Annual Fundraising Event   

  • Volunteering at Fundraisers  

  • Volunteering to attend Member Social Events