Business Co-Ordinator

About us

The Business Co-ordinator role within Quovus involves supporting clients who are of a diverse cultural background, disability, may have experienced complex trauma and require specialised therapeutic intervention. The Business Co-ordinator is also the lead role responsible for the management of customer engagement, quoting, administering service agreements or contracts, co-ordinating timely invoicing based on workflow, tracking payments outstanding and leading Quovus customer satisfaction monitoring and troubleshooting.

Qualifications & experience

  • Appropriate relevant experience in Human Service Sector or Customer Services/ Administrative Management roles
  • Authorisation by NDIS, DCJ etc. as required.
  • Competence in WFM/ Xero software

Tasks & responsibilities

  • To respond to reported challenges or risk concerns related to client enquiry, quoting and invoice/ claim management, storage and compliance of HR files, report quality or related to contract work undertaken .
  • To ensure pro-active remediation of issues arising.
  • To work with the Clinical Operations Officer (COO) to deliver and ensure timely delivery of the specified contracts.
  • Manage good relationships with clients/ customer agencies – where appropriate troubleshoot.
  • Support as required with the COO; clinicians and admin support regarding deliverables related to contracts.
  • Be familiar with NDIS & State policy and procedures related to Children’s' Services as it relates to Clinical Service delivery.
  • Be familiar with Policy and Procedures - provide oversight and direction to staff in accordance with the organisation's policies and procedures.
  • The Business Co-ordinator will be responsible for the customer experience for all clients (including both NDIS and Children’s Services).
  • This role is designed to be predominantly a remote role, with attendance at regular team, and supervision meeting being negotiated.
  • The Business Co-ordinator also has a primary operational role in the management of the Quovus Workflow Max, client and staff documentation systems audit and reporting risks to the Clinical Director or Director.


  • 25 hrs per week (4-5 hrs each week day)
  • Remote support