Electronic Systems Technician

Your role:

Looking to add an exciting new dimension to your life while making the most of your trade skills? As an Electronic Systems Technician in the Army Reserve you will be able to work in a unique environment.

This flexible role gives you hands-on experience with some of the world’s most technologically advanced military equipment. You’ll also be provided with comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure you continue to grow your skillset.

After the completion of specialist courses, you’ll even have full electrical knowledge of Abrams Tank maintenance, radar equipment, anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapon maintenance, among many other advanced systems.

If you’re after that extra excitement in your life, this part-time role might be what you’ve been craving.

Life in the Army Reserve:

Thousands of men and women enjoy part-time roles with the Army Reserve, operating alongside full-time Army personnel. The only difference is that your commitment is flexible.

Initial training length will vary based on your chosen role, after which you will normally be expected to serve between 35 and 70 days a year. This could involve an evening each week and one weekend a month, and even extended periods away.

We do our best to make sure this fits in with your work and family commitments; and deployments are voluntary so if you choose to stay local, there are plenty of ways to make a difference closer to home. And with no minimum period of service, you can leave the Army Reserve whenever you like.


The pay you receive in the Army Reserve goes straight into your pocket with no deductions for tax, and it increases as you gain seniority and experience.

You could earn a tax-free rate starting at: $133.56 per day

On completion of military and initial employment training your rate could increase to: $178.24 per day

Apply now:

For this role, you must be over 17 at time of enlistment and have a Certificate III in Electronics and Communications Trade (or equivalent).

Click the APPLY button if you think you have what it takes to become an Army Reserve Electronic Systems Technician and we’ll get in contact with you shortly.

You can also visit the link below to view the full position description and learn more about life in the Army Reserve.