Maritime Warfare Officer Submariner

Your role:

As a Maritime Warfare Office Submariner, you’ll get the exciting opportunity to gain experience as a Commanding Officer's representative and take charge the submarine during your watch. You’ll be equipped with the skills to take control of the Navy’s submarines while out at sea—working with sophisticated technology. Navy will help you develop your skills so you can lead a team of people to execute the mission in the unique submarine environment. You will gain experiences that extend well beyond the ordinary, with vast opportunities to travel overseas while you progress your career.

A huge part of being a submariner is working in tight-knit teams, and you'll develop friendships that last a lifetime.

If you’re a variety seeker that likes a challenge and leading people, then this could be the career path for you. Maritime Warfare Officer Submariners are the only Officers that take command of the Navy’s submarines. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can really take your career to the next level, with a role as a Navigating Officer, Submarine Warfare Officer, Executive Officer and Commanding Officer.

There are also a wide variety of shore based positions for periods when you are not posted to a submarine including operational planning, project management, career management and general managerial roles.

Prior experience isn’t needed for this role. You’ll gain all the necessary skills and qualifications to become a Maritime Warfare Officer Submariner as part of your training. You'll also be given leadership training to equip you for the role of higher management In the Navy.

Life in the Navy:

A career in the Navy is a challenging and highly rewarding working environment that comes with good work/life balance, competitive salary and skills for life. You can expect to feel a unique sense of accomplishment and pride from serving and protecting our country and helping to keep our vast coastlines safe.

Life in the Navy is anything but mundane. You’ll enjoy varied lifestyles, rewarding careers, opportunities to travel, and excellent social and fitness facilities, free medical and dental; all in a dynamic and fulfilling working environment.

Don’t worry, it’s not all life at sea—there’s more to the Navy than ships, submarines and helicopters.

Some days, you might be exploring exciting new countries with your fellow crewmates. Other days, you could be stationed locally not too far from home.


Be paid to train and learn the skills required to become a qualified Maritime Warfare Officer Submariner. Upon completion of your initial military and initial employment training, you’ll enjoy a competitive starting salary package of up to: $116,488 including service and uniform allowances, as well as a Maritime Allowance (if applicable).

In addition to your salary, you will receive generous superannuation, housing subsidies and free medical and dental.

Apply Now:

For this role, you must be over 17 at time of enlistment, an Australian Citizen, have completed Year 12 and obtained a high enough entrance rank.

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