Competent Fire Safety Practitioner

About the business

Small Business, Testing and Maintenance of Essential Fire Services throughout Sydney and Outer Metropolitan area.

About the role

The proper candidate will be required to carry out but not restricted to do Monthly, Six Monthly and Annual Testing of Fire services within the sites maintained by the business. Signing of AFSS and proper documentation as required by Council. 

Benefits and perks

Numeration Package, Being part of a business looking to grow together with employees and provide the best quality service and a personal touch. During the growth of the business there will be opportunities to increase your skills and professional development.

Skills and experience

FPAS required, Previous experience needed (2 Yrs minimum).

Required to be a certified and competent Fire Service Practitioner across many fields. 

1. Good communication skills, Verbal and written.

2. Have knowledge of Australian Standards and Building Codes of Australia.