Business Officer

The role of the Business Officer is to provide high quality business advice and support on a range of financial, human resource, IT, information management, planning and reporting and other administrative issues to the management and staff within the region.

This role can also provide support in other functions including executive correspondence and complaints matters as required.

Workplace Location

Brisbane Inner City,Brisbane - South

Key responsibilities:

• Provide advice and support to managers and administration staff on human resource, financial and administrative processes including development and oversight of administrative systems.

• Prepare reports and correspondence on a diverse range of issues.

• Prepare budgets, forecasts and estimates and oversee budget financial management ensuring adherence to relevant Acts, Regulations and Departmental delegations, policies and procedures.

• Monitor and review human resource management to ensure adherence to relevant Awards, Regulations and Departmental delegations, policies and procedures.

• Supervise administrative staff and monitor the work flow and workload management of an administrative team and participate in staff training, appraisal and development, where appropriate.

• Liaise with senior management, Departmental officers and government and non government agencies to participate in the coordination of service delivery and facilitate information exchange.

• Oversee the management and maintenance of physical resources including office accommodation assets and vehicle fleet.

• Develop, recommend, implement, maintain and review systems of administrative, financial and human resource management to achieve effective and efficient practices and procedures.

• Receive record and document complaints about the department and funded services from clients, evaluating this information to determine how to manage the complaint and what risk factors are involved.

• Provide high level advice, support and guidance to regional officers responsible for the preparation of Ministerial and executive correspondence responses and related documents.

• Enhance the local regional community by actively practicing and promoting excellence in service delivery and public administration and identifying opportunities for improving regional client service.

Applications to remain current for 12 months