EL 2 (S&T 6) - Science & Tecnhology Team Lead

  • $118,376 - $142,087 (plus super)
  • Edinburgh - SA

The Role
A Science and Technology (S&T) Team Lead contributes specialist expertise and inspires a team of scientists, engineers and technicians to achieve outcomes for Defence. Positions are available in the following areas: (please click link to discipline description you are interested in)

•           Asymmetric Threat Exploitation

•           Novel Warhead Experimentation & Modelling

•           Advanced Propulsion Sciences and Technologies

•           Hypersonic Propulsion & Aero science

You will lead a research activity that develops high quality S&T impact where multiple technologies, project complexity and international considerations require broad and experienced oversight. Based on your experience and training you will select the scientific, test, analysis or evaluation method to achieve Defence outcomes and report those outcomes to Defence stakeholders, and the scientific community. You will mentor the people within your team as they develop technical and interpersonal skills. As part of the leadership team, you will contribute to strategy development, resource allocation and build collaboration networks. A key focus will be leading the team to develop skills and work program that is able to deliver and contribute to the Science and Technology Strategy for Defence 2020-30.

About our Team
Weapons and Combat Systems Division (WCSD), as part of DST Group, applies science and technology to the capability analysis, development and operation of Weapon and Combat Systems relevant to the ADF. Areas of focus include weapon guidance technologies, assessment of both, weapons and combat systems, tactical information exchange, physical force protection and national security to provide Defence with the ability to meet key drivers in the weapon and combat systems domain.

Advanced Propulsion & Weapon Effects (APSE) conducts fundamental and applied research in Energetics (energetic materials, energetic systems, and energetic effects) in collaboration with Academia, Industry & International Partners to deliver high-impact outcomes for Defence & National Security.

Our Ideal Candidate
We are looking for an accomplished Team Lead who will bring energy and integrity to the role. You will create a culture within the group that promotes a shared sense of purpose and invites all the team to make an effective contribution toward high impact outputs. You will provide your team with professional developmental opportunities to sustain the quality of output and maintain essential scientific and technical capabilities.

You will have a national or international reputation, specialised knowledge and considerable experience in a relevant field, which will enable you to forecast future Defence needs and understand the opportunities S&T can provide in meeting these needs. Your client focus will enable you to understand their priorities and balance the client delivery program with long term, underpinning research and development. As a capable collaborator, you will develop and sustain external linkages with industry, universities and international organisations, and create opportunities for your team to work cooperatively with other teams on intersecting projects.

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