Head Teacher Technological And Applied Studies

Position Information

The Ponds High School, located in the suburb of The Ponds in the north-west of Sydney is a 7-12 comprehensive high school that has 1780 enrolments for Years 7-12 in 2020, 57% of these come from a non-English speaking background and 1.3% identify as ATSI. The school shares a site with Riverbank Public School and is a part of an innovative and energetic community approach to teaching and learning. The school has outstanding teaching and learning programs including; a BYOD program, strong welfare approach to student wellbeing, a culturally inclusive program and support for the creative and performing arts. The school has a small support class and a focus on student differentiation. The TAS department are particularly dynamic and offer in excess of 20 elective courses for Stage 5 and they support STEM across the school. The learning platform adopted by the Ponds High School is CANVAS and current school initiatives include Canvas, Supersix literacy strategies and engaging students.

Selection Criteria

Applicants must satisfy the teacher training and academic qualification requirements for this position. In addition to the general selection criteria,
Approval to teach Technology Mandatory with a willingness to teach any other Technological and Applied Studies subjects.
Demonstrated commitment to a visionary executive team including a willingness to contribute to whole school planning and initiatives.
Ability to promote and support an effective and innovative approach to using technology in the classroom and across the school community.
Demonstrated ability to effectively manage and support a dynamic and enthusiastic team of early career teachers.

General Selection Criteria

1. Successful teaching experience with capacity to initiate improvement in teaching, learning and classroom practice
2. Knowledge of curriculum, assessment and student welfare with the ability to lead and design quality, inclusive teaching and learning programs
3. Educational leadership skills to build the capacity and manage the performance of individuals and teams
4. Well developed communication and interpersonal skills with the capacity to build relationships and engage students, staff and parents
5. Ability to plan and manage resources effectively and equitably to support teaching and learning
6. Knowledge of and commitment to the Department's Aboriginal education policies


An unconditional full approval to teach is a requirement. If you do not hold a full approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education, you are required to commence the application process at the same time as you apply for this teaching opportunity.

Special Notes

The Eligibility Requirements for Head Teacher Positions in NSW Government Schools are located at https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/policies/employment/recruit/head_teach/Eligibility2004.doc
Applicants are to include details of their WWCC clearance number as part of this application.
New merit selection application guidelines for classroom teachers, executives and principals have been introduced to provide greater clarity to applicants and selection panels.
The guidelines are in effect on positions advertised from Wednesday 10th June 2020.
The guidelines are located at: https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/careers-at-education/roles-and-locations/roles-at-education/teaching/addressing-selection-criteria.html