Enterprise Solutions Manager - Digital

Job Overview:

Our Enterprise solutions managers are the eyes and ears of our customers! They do not wait, but take the initiative. They transform "That sounds interesting!" into actual contracts, paving the way for new avenues of business. Join our Digital Solutions team, and we will give you the latest knowledge and plenty of scope for independent action and decision-making, help you become a reliable partner in customer relationships.

Duties and Responsibilities

Build Internal and External Relationships

Enterprise solutions managers identify opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships to advance the business. This can mean building cross-functional teams within the organization by connecting personnel across business lines, or managing external vendor and supplier relations. Enterprise solutions managers also manage customer relations to increase the business’s visibility and reputation. They manage relationships with senior stakeholders within the client’s organization.

Identify Business Opportunities

Enterprise Solutions Manager identify areas where the business can increase its footprint. They may identify potential partnerships, opportunities to enhance distribution and open up new markets and methods to enhance efficiency within the organization’s sales and marketing departments.

Direct Strategic Marketing

Many enterprise solutions managers take a hands-on approach to the company’s marketing efforts. They may present market research and customer profiles to marketing directors and team members, recommending improved strategies to expand market reach. Enterprise solutions managers also coordinate activities between sales and marketing teams to introduce new campaigns and make decisions that drive sales growth.

Account management

Grow opportunities for customers by learning about their goals and helping them achieve it. Being customer focused and detail oriented. Collaborate with sales team to identify and grow opportunities within the region. Assist with challenging client requests or any escalations as needed

Support Operations Planning

Enterprise solutions managers work closely with executives and operations specialists to improve operations planning and overall efficiency. They assess marketing and sales operations, along with supplier and vendor activities, making recommendations for improvements and enhancements. They also make long-term operations decisions regarding product development and distribution strategies.

Develop Proposals and Presentations

Enterprise solutions managers often make presentations to company executives and management teams to highlight business or marketing opportunities or to present the results of new strategies. Many enterprise solutions managers also prepare documents and information for requests for proposals (RFPs). These RFPs often present new opportunities for business growth and enhanced operations

Skills and Qualifications
  • Relationship management – Enterprise solutions managers need excellent relationship development and management skills to build both internal and external relationships
  • Strategic planning – To develop and enact long-term growth strategies; enterprise solutions managers take a high-level view of company goals and objectives to drive business growth
  • Operations enhancement – Because they frequently play a role in improving operations, enterprise solutions managers should also be able to enhance efficiency and collaboration between business lines
  • Team coordination – To build and lead effective cross-functional teams
  • Communication skills – Written and verbal communication are both vital to prepare proposals and present ideas to executives to enhance business performance