Teacher Personal Development, Health And Physical Education

Position Information

Yass High School is an inclusive, comprehensive and growing school close to Canberra with an enrolment that has varied around 540-550 in 2020 with 11% Aboriginal students. The school benefits from strong community relationships and is committed to a personalised success pathway for every student.

Yass High School is proud of the inclusivity of our programs and facilities. Our students benefit from a broad curriculum that provides post-school opportunities in academic, technological, vocational and creative fields. Our recently constructed STEM building is a centre of learning that develops students’ collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication as 21st century learners.

All students at Yass High School learn and are encouraged by well-qualified, experienced teachers who work collaboratively to ensure dynamic course delivery and enriched learning. We have a Trade Centre for vocational courses such as Metals, Timber and Hospitality which is a popular career direction for many students. Our Agriculture farm enables students to learn the skills relating to animal management and horticulture, both very appropriate to our rural setting. Our growing Support Unit includes three Learning Hub classes and two SLC (Supported Learning Centres) in 2020 as re-engagement, flexible learning spaces.

Yass High School’s culture of high expectations and wellbeing underpins the individual guidance we offer each to student to help them select courses appropriate to their personal aptitudes, interests and aspirations. Our rich curriculum is ever-evolving and extensive to ensure it is relevant to today’s world, and continues to encourage students to think deeply and logically, and to excel at both independent and team work.

Yass High School graduates young people who use their skills and experiences to care for their community, seize opportunities with confidence and embrace difficulties as they build success and make positive contributions to the world beyond school.

Selection Criteria

1. Approval to teach Personal Development, Health and Physical Education 7 - 12, Community & Family Studies, Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies
2. Demonstrated experience in teaching Physical Activity and Sports Studies 7–10

3. Proven excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively to engage students, colleagues, parents and the wider community.

4. Comprehensive knowledge of the PDHPE and PASS curriculum with demonstrated ability to differentiate learning activities to cater for a wide range of student needs.

5. Demonstrated ability to design and implement creative and engaging learning programs utilising a range of teaching strategies that build positive learning environments and promote student achievement.


An unconditional full approval to teach is a requirement. If you do not hold a full approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education, you are required to commence the application process at the same time as you apply for this teaching opportunity.

Special Notes

Applicants are to include details of their WWCC clearance number as part of this application.

New merit selection application guidelines for classroom teachers, executives and principals have been introduced to provide greater clarity to applicants and selection panels. The guidelines are in effect on positions advertised from Wednesday 10th June 2020. The guidelines are located at: https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/careers-at-education/roles-and-locations/roles-at-education/teaching/addressing-selection-criteria.html