Associate Project Analyst / 200459

The Associate Project Analyst provides specific support to the Pacific Liaison and Coordination Office in Sydney (PLCO) in performance of operational and administrative functions, and those related to planning work and project preparation and administration; provide analytical and statistical support to assigned project portfolio. The incumbent will report to the designated International Staff and senior National Staff.


  • Provides support designated International and senior National Staff on programming work including collecting, verifying and compiling data for use in preparation/updating of various reports (e.g., country strategy and program and/or updates). Supports planning and monitoring the periodic country consultation, programming and business plan schedules.
  • Supports processing of Projects, Grants and Technical Assistance (TA) by providing inputs, preliminary reviews, and comments of Report and Recommendation of the President (RRPs) and Project Administration Memorandum (PAMs).
  • Monitors and ensures timely delivery of the work program, and regularly coordinates with PAOD to ensure program status is up-to-date and delivery bottlenecks are addressed on time.
  • Assists staff in various stages of processing loans, grants, TAs/ Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction projects, including recruitment and administration of staff consultants, coordinating arrangements for management review meeting (MRM), staff review committee (SRC), and loan negotiations.
  • Provides support to project/TA implementation including monitoring physical progress in projects/TA implementation, supporting EAs to familiarize them with ADB guidelines and procedures, and ensures their compliance with project covenants, monitoring progress in terms of outputs and deliverables, following up submission of project reports, financial statements, etc, and reviewing TAs and contracts financial status for contract variation requests and inputs the same into TAIS system for contract variations with (a) value of $10,000 below; and (b) contract variations with no cost implications.
  • Assists Regional Director and project administration unit (PAU) in preparation of division's work program for TAs/Loans/Grants currently administered by PLCO and monitors monthly achievements against targets of key results areas.
  • Assists the designated PLCO PAU Head by maintaining project data; monitoring project finances; processing contract awards/applications for disbursements; supporting TA administration, documentation, payments, file consolidation; and alternating functions for national officers. Provides guidance/training to Operations Assistants within the division.
  • Collects, compiles and summarizes data/statistics for generation of periodic reports on project administration, closing of loan projects, completion of TA projects, anticipated loan saving in projects, status of project implementation for cofinanciers, status of selection and contracting of consultants and progress in the preparation of Project Completion reports in timely manner.
  • Participates in various missions as required, e.g. inception, review, mid-term, and project completion report mission by providing inputs in preparation of MOU/Aide Memoir, and assistance in collecting data on contract awards/disbursements, reconciliation of project accounts, compliance with loan covenants, in familiarizing Executing Agencies (EAs) with ADB's loan procedures, and in assisting them in preparation of various reports and applications.
  • Maintains records to monitor compliance with loan/TA covenants, follow up outstanding obligations of EAs
  • Prepares/updates individual Project Performance Reports (PPRs), Technical Assistance Performance Reports (TPR) outlining all required details and participates in Departmental PAU meetings to discuss project performance summarized in the PPRs and TPRs.
  • Reviews audited financial statements, project accounts and other related financial documents to ascertain compliance with ADB's policies and procedures; spot checks statement of expenditures (SOEs) from time to time.
  • Compiles data/statistics on contract awards/disbursements for assigned projects for generation of various reports for Department/Management. Monitors/analyzes actual awards and disbursement against targets to identify shortfalls and their underlying causes, and follows-up these matters with the EAs.
  • Contributes to the review of various documents, i.e. bid documents, prequalification of bidders, contract awards, project-related issues, etc.
  • Acts as central contact/information point for activities in RMs for in-house/external queries/inquiries, and as an essential backbone for RMs to fulfill their mandates/achieve their objectives. Assists in paper trail of PAU matters, in paper trail/other requirements in processing of projects. Coordinates training requirements of RM local staff in HQ. Follows-up with RMs on submission of PAU reports for consolidation in HQ. Provides capacity building in general office/project administration for RMs. Establishes procedural links with CTL on related disbursements. Provides other general administrative support to ensure efficient operations in RMs.
  • Provides support to other activities as assigned by designated supervisor and reflected in the workplan.


Relevant Experience & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience
  • Able to undertake background research and analysis on difficult but well defined tasks, collect and organize required data and information, apply appropriate computer skills in analyzing and developing the data; and prepare notes, papers and sections of reports
  • Good analytical thinking with ability to make simple causal links, pro-and-con lists and analyses to reach a decision; and set priorities for tasks in order of importance
  • Proficient in ADB-related standard software programs and information technologies
  • Excellent written and communication skills in English.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; able to work in a multicultural environment
  • Please refer to the link for ADB Competency Framework for Administrative Staff Levels 6-7

General Considerations

The selected candidate, if new to ADB, is appointed for an initial term of 3 years.

ADB offers competitive remuneration and a comprehensive benefits package. Actual appointment salary will be based on ADB’s standards and computation, taking into account the selected individual’s qualifications and experience.

ADB seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities to work in an inclusive environment. ADB encourages all qualified candidates to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. Women are highly encouraged to apply.

Please note that the actual level and salary will be based on qualifications of the selected candidate.