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The Company

Our Core Business

Indue is a provider of a broad range of white-labelled and transactional products to credit union and

other commercial businesses in a B2B market. Our product and service portfolio includes ATM

deployment, lease aggregation, payment solutions such as direct entry, BPAY, chequing and fraud

management as well as various debit, credit, gift and prepaid cards products.

Our competitive advantage is based on our genuine commitment to consistently delivering real service,

being flexible and innovative, and building strong partnerships with our clients.

Life at Indue

Life at Indue is characterised by four key pillars: a shared vision, our team mentality, an unwavering

professional excellence and permission to dream.

A shared vision

  • We recognise that our inherent strength comes from the integration of our settlement and

software offers. We share a common purpose – to service our clients and create powerful

payment platforms. To achieve this vision and better service our clients, we are committed

to developing our thinking, products and software solutions to meet both known and future


A team mentality

  • Adopting a team mentality, we work in unison and with the same client-centred outcome in

mind. We collaborate on client challenges and put forward only fully integrated solutions.

Team work is what helps us deliver our business strategy, cement client loyalty and

continue our growth into new markets.

Professional excellence

  • Because we always seek to tailor client solutions, we never over-complicate our approach.

Rather than making assumptions, we listen to our clients to determine the exact nature of

their needs and expectations. That helps us pitch our offer at the right level, right from the


Permission to dream

  • Intelligent, informed risk-taking is what helps us stretch ourselves and our clients. To

encourage this, we work in an environment that gives us the permission to take carefully

measured risks. We are free to use our professional judgement. While operating in a

regulated and compliance-driven environment, we are free to think and dream what’s


Position Profile

Position Product Manager

Group Commercial

Reports To Head of Product

Version August 2020

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The Group

The Product & Marketing Group provides the end-to-end product management and product marketing capability for new and existing products offered by Indue. The group is central to the organisation, working closely with many business units to ensure that the return that Indue makes on its products now and in the future is maximised

Functional Structure

The Position


Reporting to the Head of Product, the Product Manager provides leadership across the company in driving the strategic and operational execution of the product vision, strategy and roadmap throughout the product lifecycle.

As the primary product interface for the organisation for products under management, the Product Manager plays a central and important role in the overall product management, and pre and post sales support through the provision of detailed knowledge, analysis, documentation and expertise to internal and external stakeholders.

Key Duties, Responsibilities and Outcomes

Major Activities Outcomes Typical


1 Leadership: Product Management and People 30%

 Provide input into the product strategy and the product roadmap for assigned products and be able to effectively communicate it internally and externally

 Drive the success of assigned products by being an effective product champion both internally and externally.

 Factoring in organisational, project, client and market priorities, ensure the product backlog is ordered to maximise the overall benefit for Indue in the short and long terms and to seek guidance where unsure.

 Build a strong rapport and foster effective collaboration with internal departments within Indue to ensure efficient and timely product changes and support

 Well-defined strategic product vision and strategy that is aligned with the broader corporate strategy.

 Product is owned, managed and supported end-to-end.

Chief Commercial Officer

Head of Product

Product Manager

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 Be a driving stakeholder throughout projects that are developing product capability for products under management

 Raise Indue’s profile throughout the industry and ensure Indue remains well across industry changes through strong representation at relevant industry forums and committees

 Complete regular management reporting to time and quality standards.

 Timely and accurate reporting to Board and fulfilment of compliance requirements.

2 Product Sales Support 20%

 Resolve and respond to product questions from sales, channel partners and end user clients.

 In collaboration with the sales team, define a model for the delivery of sales support (such as through the effective engagement with clients, input into RFPs and participation in other pre-sales activities as needed); and oversee and/or directly lead the execution of this.

 Effective and successful sales cycles.

 As a subject matter expert, provide tactical input into the go-to market plans for new and existing product sales plans.

 Production of robust and accurate RFPs and project scopes.

3 Core Product Management 50%

 Throughout the entire product lifecycle maintain a detailed, expert understanding of the product and the market that it participates in, optimising feature prioritisation and feature implementation relative to customer and market needs. This includes defining key metrics for measuring the product success and performance, undertaking analysis to ensure that desired commercial outcomes and margins are being achieved, and reporting at a company and board level on this.

 Accurate analysis and evaluation of product performance throughout entire lifecycle.

 Proactively and effectively engage with key stakeholders to remain abreast of, and fully understand operational requirements that underpin the core products and systems to ensure that they are accurately scoped and provisioned for as part of development and resource planning.

 A high level of visibility of product considerations and management of resources at an organisation level.

 Provide effective leadership and oversight from a product management perspective throughout the technical development process; acting as the business SME, defining product features and negotiating development schedules.

 Smooth, effective rollout of product releases on time and without issues.

 Ensure timely annual budget submissions with appropriate justification and rationale is provided covering both opex and capex initiatives.

 Ensure that the Product Backlog covers all work elements, is kept up-to-date, is highly accessible internally and consumable by all levels of the organisation

 Through collaboration with Product Marketing, ensure that products are being effectively marketed and that identified market opportunities are successfully exploited.

 Working with technical writing and the training manager, ensure the suitability, correctness and availability of current technical and user specifications, training and related product documentation internally and for clients as required.

 Provision of quality training to new clients/users that enables them to optimise their use of the product/system.

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 Effectively manage client relationships and within this, maintain an in-depth understanding of clients and their business challenges.

 At a high level, remain abreast of customer and/or product problems and work with the support team to investigate and resolve these as needed.

 Act as a Product Owner within the Scrum Framework. This includes providing effective scrum team leadership to maximise productivity, quality and positive client outcomes while keeping to budget

 Ensure timely and accurate communications to clients on industry and/or product changes that may impact or otherwise interest them.

 Maintain sufficient knowledge and understanding of applicable regulatory, compliance and governance requirements and liaise with the risk and legal teams where necessary to effectively identify all risks and potential issues, and implement adequate controls to mitigate these.

 Effective risk management of governance.

 Accurate and appropriate information in material to comply with regulations.

4 Other Corporate Responsibilities As


 Maintain awareness, understanding and compliance with Group policies and procedures, which includes attendance at related compulsory training sessions.

 Maintenance of up-to-date corporate knowledge and application of this to achieve compliance.

 Any other reasonable and relevant duties delegated by the Chief Commercial Officer or Head of Product from time to time.

 Support for the achievement of operational and organisation strategic objectives.

Key Challenges

 Leading the charge for assigned products in an organisational context leveraging shared resources where the scale, scope and overall complexity of solutions are continually increasing.

 Working in collaboration with all of the necessary stakeholders in the development and implementation of an agreed shared product vision and development plan; and within this, using a high level of commercial acumen and leadership in delivering an optimal balance between technical, user, sales, and broader business priorities and resourcing constraints.

 Overseeing and delivering multiple and at times conflicting priorities and projects; and within this having to negotiate with stakeholders to manage expectations in the delivery of satisfactory outcomes that achieve whole of business priorities in a balanced way.

 Engaging the whole business in researching and prioritising product development to ensure smooth rollout of products and/or product initiatives into internal operational teams and clients.

 Reliance on an ability to successfully engage and influence other resources to deliver outcomes in the organisational context of a matrix structure.

 Effectively balancing risk with reward when prioritising development investment with forecasted return.

 Maintaining a detailed understanding of the regulatory and compliance requirements associated with products under management to ensure that product governance and compliance requirements are adequately addressed in product design, and development planning decisions.

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Key Decisions

Direct Responsibility

 Financial decisions within approved budget

 Development, design and delivery of the full product vision, strategy and roadmap.

 Effective product governance, compliance and risk management.

 Successful execution of performance priorities for the Product Management team.

 Leadership of the engagement of all relevant internal stakeholders.

 Representation of the company and product capability in the pre-sales context, as the subject matter expert.

Guidance and/or Approval Required

 Significant variations in the agreed scope, product specification or unfunded development work.

 Requests for additional product management resources.

 High level review and sign off on the product vision and strategy by the Executive Leadership Team.

Key Stakeholder Relationships


Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Product

 Regular reporting, approvals and escalations.

Product & Marketing team  Departmental team, collaboration and partnerships.

Sales & Relationships team  Collaboration and involvement in pre-sales business analysis and provision of input into RFPs.

 Engagement in product development, management and delivery with customer input and market feedback.

Development & Delivery teams  Collaboration on solution design, technical specifications and product functionality.

 Collaboration on project management, delivery, methodology and processes in regards to the client experience.

 Consultation and communication on product capability and functionality.


Clients/Users  Initial and ongoing engagement in consultation of the process of determining product requirements.

 Technical pre and post sales support, communication and relationship management.

 Promoting awareness of products and education where appropriate

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Financial Impact

The position will have an allocated operating expenditure budget, and may contribute indirectly to the generation of new business revenue through their involvement in the pre-sales process.

Core Competencies

The core competencies listed below are a key indicator of competent performance of the position of Product Manager and are strongly linked to the position’s Key Duties, Responsibilities and Outcomes.

Competency Definition

Leading Communicating a compelling vision or need which inspires commitment, motivation and engaged others (direct reports, peers and/or stakeholders) in the process of achieving objectives. Leadership may pertain to people (‘people leader’) or a function (‘functional leader’). Both involve accountability for delivering results through and/or involving others

Influencing Rather than force solutions or impose decisions or regulations, using interpersonal skills and influencing strategies to persuade and gain genuine acceptance and commitment for ideas or solutions. Mobilising people to take action and meet goals through creative approached

Decision Making & Judgement

Identifying and understanding issues, problems and opportunities by comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions and then taking timely and decisive action consistent with available facts, constraints probable consequences.

Problem Solving Identifying a problem, gathering information to determine causes, using effective strategies to develop solutions and then taking action to solve the problem (and ideally, address future similar problems). Problem solving often occurs in a time-critical environment and with the involvement of other stakeholders.

Technical Expertise Developing, applying and demonstrating a high level of expertise and in- depth specialist knowledge, skills and judgement in the relevant field to perform the job effectively and be a subject matter expert for others.

Commercial Acumen Demonstrating business savvy in taking action to maximise the contribution of the business area to the organisation’s profitability by identifying opportunities, managing operations and making decisions that maintain competitive advantage and balance operational fundamentals, client expectations and commercial objectives.

Building Business Relationships & Partnerships

Using appropriate interpersonal skills to develop and leverage collaborative relationships to obtain engagement, cooperation, build networks and accomplish outcomes without relying on authority. This may be within own team, across departments and/or with external stakeholders.

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The Person

Essential Position Requirements

 Formal qualifications in a relevant discipline such as Finance/Banking, Computer Science or other relevant technical discipline.

 Demonstrated ability to provide effective strategic leadership at a business level.

 5+ years direct product management experience ideally in a payments context, with an in-depth level of functional knowledge commensurate with this. This includes an ability to effectively understand, analyse and design product development priorities, and based on this develop a product vision, product strategy and roadmap that effectively balances business, technical, client and commercial priorities.

 Well-developed written and verbal communication skills with the ability to build strong working relationships across all levels of the business, particularly end-users and technical subject matter experts.

 Demonstrated ability to effectively engage and work with a broad range of stakeholders to influence cross-functional teams to achieve outcomes, without formal authority.

Preferred Position Requirements

 Software development experience (ideally within an Agile environment) and within this, specific experience in driving the development of successful high tech, software-based products from inception to successful market launch with the on-going management of the product through the product lifecycle, maximising return.

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