Unaccredited Trainee

Position Title Unaccredited Trainee
Position Number 23965
Employment Status Full Time - Exempt
Applications Close 17/10/2020
Maximum length of training contract 06/02/2022
Local Health District Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District
Facility Shellharbour Hospital
Specialty General Medicine
Sub Specialty None
Award Public Hospital Medical Officers (State) Award
Classification Resident Medical Officer
Salary Band $81,639.00 to $127,539.00
Main Purpose of Position Due to COVID-19 and the changes to college requirements during the pandemic, NSW Health may make changes to the recruitment process. Formal interviews may be conducted electronically rather than face to face however, candidates will be notified as soon as practical of any changes.

To provide a high standard of clinical care to general medicine inpatients, outpatients and consultation patients.
Position Requirements 1. Clinical

  • Manage all acute medical conditions

  • Manager complex comorbidities

  • Recognise the subtle presentations of clinical conditions

  • 2. Research and Teaching
  • Experience and willingness to teach Junior medical Staff

  • Participating unit/departmental and divisional quality activities

  • participation in research, peer review and audit projects

  • Teaching of appropriate multidisciplinary team members( eg Allied Health Staff) and Nursing Staff.

  • Attend and present a the monthly research meetings

  • Attend and present at weekly medicine teaching and journal clubs

  • Undertake one significant research project to publication standard with support from Service development Officer

  • 3. Continuing education
  • Attending the monthly traiing meeting

  • Attend the bimonthly mortality and morbidity meeting with presentations by Trainee in

  • Obtaining and maintaining Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life support Accreditation
  • Participation in RACP training program

  • Complete HETI mandatory training requirements

  • 4. Orientation
    The Doctor will be required to undertake the core mandatory orientation to:
  • Gain an understanding of the organisational values, goals and ethics

  • Gain knowledge and develop skills to work in a manner which promotes their own health, safety and security at work, including information relating to infection control and needlestick injury.

  • Gain and understanding of child protection legislation policies and responsibilities associated with notifying and reporting issues about child protection

  • Given guidance on ways to perform their job in an efficient and effective manner, and the code of conduct and ethics, including the behaviours and standards expected of Health Service Employees

  • Understand the principles of waste management and the local processes in place which are designed to reduce waste.

  • Gain and understanding of the administrative procedures relating to the performance of their work

  • Develop an understanding of the legislative and industrial context in which they work

  • Gain information on the Health Service employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Gain education and training in the minimisation and management of aggression, Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Safety and quality improvement processes

  • 5. Supervision
    The Doctor will be required to provide supervision support Resident Medical Officers and /or interns allocated to his/her clinical team during normal hours as well as providing supervision support and guidance whilst undertaking duties after hours.
    6. Other responsibilities
    In addition to the core competency standards, the doctor is expected to comply with legislative, policy/ protocol requirements as they relate to:
  • the supervision requirements as they relate to:

  • The Area Health Services Performance Management Policy

  • Work, Health and safety requirements as an employee

  • the Area Health Services Code of Conduct

  • Knowledge of relevant NSW Health policy, including EEO and WH&S

  • The department of Health occupational Assessment screening and vaccination against specific Infectious diseases policy

  • Local Background & Environment Shellharbour, Wollongong and Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital

    The division of Medicine provides services primarily across three main hospitals, the Wollongong Hospital, Shellharbour Hospital and Shoalhaven Hospital. Wollongong Hospital is the Illawarra and Shoalhaven major referral; and teaching hospital and has a bed base of more than 500. Wollongong Hospital is the largest if the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health Districts nine hospitals, treating more than 4700000 patients annually. It is the regions tertiary referral; hospital which means it has the capacity to treat specialist and complex cases.
    NB General Medicine Trainees are expected to participate in the hospital after hours medical roster, and departmental weekend roster.
    Key Internal and External Relationships Key Internal Relationships
  • Clinical streams

  • Multidisciplinary teams

  • Consumer carers
  • Other clinical divisions

  • Hospital administration

  • Key External Relationships
  • Consumers / Carers

  • GPS

  • Community

  • Police, Ambulance

  • Supervision Arrangements Supervision of the Doctor in normal hours of work
  • The trainee will receive full direct supervision and support from the Dept Consultant. As such daily superivision is available at any time.

  • The trainee will have access to a Senior Superivsor at all times.

  • Each trainee will be assigned a staff specialist as a mentor who will meet with them on a regular basis to discuss their progress and feedback their performance. There will still be patients who are under the General Physician Supervision of the Doctors after hours.

  • The Doctor will be able to call the Consultant on call for support and supervision after hours.

  • Challenges/Problem Solving
  • Balancing mandated training and education requirements with service provision, within the limitations of a busy public health service.

  • maintaining a professional role and responsibility for patient care, in close liaison with supervising consultants.

  • - Working collaboratively with other in a multi- disciplinary team.
  • Maximising the efficient utilisation of the physical resources of the Health Service.

  • Being flexible within the work required in a range of Health Services and locations.

  • Responsibility for supervision and teaching of more Junior Medical Staff(ie Junior Medical Officers) attached to the medical team.

  • Decision Making
  • Close and effective liaison with consultants will allow the doctor to demonstrate their level of ability and understanding of patient care and enable you to expand your area of responsibility

  • All patients managed with in the hospital of the health service are under the direct care of a specialist medical practitioner. All decisions regarding their care are to be clearly communicated with the Specialist responsible for that care.

  • Communication Communication
    The Doctor is a key person who works closely with all members of staff and must
  • Work as part of a team and contribute to a multi disciplinary team.

  • Deal with matters of an urgent or sensitive nature

  • Must have the ability to exercise discretion, sensitivity and maintain confidentiality.

  • Works cooperatively within a team environment and actively contributes to team activities including pro actively participates in team meetings and decision making processes.
    Performance Monitoring
  • Attendance of departmental training sessions and Unit meetings

  • Annual Performance evaluation and development review ( eg in training assessments)

  • Additional Information
    Additional Documents no addditional documents have been provided

    Organisation Chart Shellharbour Hospital Organisational Chart -Sept 11.doc
    Job Demands Checklist Click Here to View
    Selection Criteria 1: MBBS or equivalent, currently registered or eligible for registration with the Medical Board of Australia

    2: Demonstrated ability to work independently within a supervised clinical environment using excellent clinical skills, judgement and expertise.

    3: Good time management and organisational skills, and advanced computing skills

    4: Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) and demonstrated ability to work effectively within multidisciplinary teams

    5: Evidence of continued professional development and commitment to self education

    6: Demonstrated commitment to quality improvement, patient safety and risk management

    7: Minimum of 2 years experience as a medical officer