Provisional Fellow

Position Title Provisional Fellow
Position Number 23983
Employment Status Full Time - Exempt
Applications Close 15/01/2021
Maximum length of training contract 06/02/2022
Local Health District St Vincent's Health Network
Facility St Vincent's Hospital & Sacred Heart Health Service
Specialty Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Sub Specialty None
Additional Training Focus Lung Transplant
Award The Named NSW (non-Declared) AHO Medical Officer Agreement
Classification Resident Medical Officer
Salary Band $81,639.00 to $127,539.00
Main Purpose of Position Due to COVID-19 and the changes to college requirements during the pandemic, NSW Health may make changes to the recruitment process. Formal interviews may be conducted electronically rather than face to face however, candidates will be notified as soon as practical of any changes.

Applicants for this position should have completed training in Thoracic Medicine with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians or its equivalent. The duties and responsibilities of the position will include respiratory transplant medicine and interventional bronchoscopy with the opportunity to participate in clinical and laboratory research. The Provisional Fellow will be required for duties outside normal working hours by arrangement. Post FRACP applicants should enquire directly with A/Prof Marshall Plit on (02) 8382 6829 or Dr Monique Malouf 8382 2175.

Within the framework of the philosophy and policies of the Hospital to provide and maintain a high quality of individual patient care. To learn those skills deemed necessary and desirable for the practice of Thoracic Medicine by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ). To provide an educational environment for junior medical, nursing and allied health staff assigned to the Department, also to supervise and complete accurate and comprehensive medical records. The Lung Transplant Provisional Fellow should participate in all aspects of the care and investigation of patients under the direct care of the Department and those persons seen in consultation by members of the Department.

The Lung Transplant Provisional Fellow is delegated responsibility and authority to provide safe, effective and individual patient care both directly and through the allocated junior medical officers by teaching and directing, supervising and ensuring their performances. The duties of the Provisional Fellow include ensuring that all patients are seen and properly evaluated promptly on admission to Hospital. As most of the Departments patients are admitted via the Emergency Department, a rapid response to requests for assessment from Emergency is essential. The senior medical officers under whose care a patient has been admitted should be promptly informed.

The Lung Transplant Provisional Fellow is responsible for patient assessment and management; communication of assessment / management decisions to other staff involved in the patients care, communication with the patient and / family regarding the patients condition and management plans, maintenance of accurate and relevant patient documentation, coordination of diagnostic tests and consultations, arrangement of patient discharge process and liaison with GPs and other community care services to ensure the provision of optimal patient care to patients presenting to St. Vincents Hospital.

Position Requirements Qualifications
1. Currently registered or eligible for registration with the Medical Board of Australia
2. MBBS or equivalent
3. Attainment of FRACP Part 1 / equivalent and current advanced trainee in Thoracic Medicine
4. Registration with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians

1. Recent experience in Thoracic Medicine
2. Demonstrated ability to work in a complex clinical environment.
3. Demonstrated excellent clinical skills, judgment and expertise.
4. Experience in the performance of:

  • Urgent studies eg. FBC and electrolytes, coagulation studies, microbiological studies and electrocardiograms and their interpretation.

  • Interpretation of urgent radiological studies

  • Arterial puncture and blood gas estimation

  • Finger prick sugar estimation

  • Management of cardiac arrhythmias

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Basic and Advanced Life Support)

  • Respiratory Function Tests

  • Competence in essential procedural skills such as bronchoscopy, pleural biopsy and tube thoracostomy

  • Experience in the management of spontaneous and post procedural pneumothoraces and pleural effusions

  • 5. Demonstrated teamwork, time management and problem solving skills in the clinical setting.
    6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    7. Demonstrated commitment to quality improvement, patient safety and risk management.
    8. Experience and willingness to teach junior medical staff.
    9. Ability to work in a computerised environment or a preparedness to learn.
    10. Prepared to participate in overtime and shift work as required.

    The Lung Transplant Provisional Fellow will be exposed to a wide range of general and common respiratory diseases including lung cancer, respiratory infections (including tuberculosis), obstructive lung diseases, interstitial lung diseases and pulmonary hypertension. They will be directly involved with the care of patients referred for consideration for lung transplantation including their perioperative management and long term follow up.

    Research and Teaching

  • Teaching and education of Junior Medical Staff and Medical Students

  • Teaching and education of nursing staff, allied health and other ancillary staff where appropriate

  • Participation in all research acivities of the Unit, including data collection, collation and management, the composition of abstracts for submission to local, national and international meetings and the writing of manuscripts for publication and clinical trials

  • Presentation of cases at weekly meetings

  • Participation in the Hospitals Grand Rounds

  • Participation in Journal Clubs

  • Compliance with Supervision of training assessment of academic and clinical performances as well as attitudes and relationships

  • Participation in departmental:

  • Continuing education programs

  • Research programs where appropriate

  • Undergraduate and nursing education

  • Orientation

    All new Trainees that commence at the beginning of the Clinical Year will attend Orientation that is conducted by the Medical Workforce Unit. If Trainees commence during the Clinical Year they will be required to attend orientation conducted by the Hospital in addition to individual orientation provided by the Medical Workforce Manager and the Department of Thoracic Medicine.


    The Lung Transplant Provisional Fellow will be responsible for the supervision of junior medical staff ie. interns and residents assigned to the Unit.

    Other responsibilities

    1. Knowledge of relevant NSW Health policy, including EEO and OH&S.
    2. Immunisation history complies with NSW Health Policy Directive. Employment with St Vincents is subject to having current immunity status that complies with the Assessment, Screening & Vaccination against Specified Infectious Diseases. Appointment and ongoing employment will be subject to continued compliance with the policy directive.
    3. Understanding of the mission and values of the Mary Aikenhead Ministries.
    4. In addition, the practitioner is expected to comply with legislative, policy/protocol requirements as they relate to:
  • The supervision requirements as set out by the Medical Board of Australia;

  • St. Vincents Hospital Performance Management Policy;

  • Occupational, health and safety requirements as an employee;

  • St. Vincents Hospital Code of Conduct.

  • 5. Day to day management of inpatients under the direction or supervision of the appropriate VMO / Staff Specialist.
    6. Ward Rounds.
    7. Notification to the appropriate VMO / Staff Specialist of patients requiring acute admission to hospital under their care.
    8. Organisation of admissions and discharges (including discharge summaries or supervision of their teams discharge summaries).
    9. Assessment and formulation of a management plan for patients presenting for care.
    10. Communication of assessment and management decisions to appropriate VMO / Staff Specialist, junior medical staff, multidisciplinary team and other staff involved in the patients care.
    11. Ensuring that accurate and relevant patient documentation exists.
    Communicating and coordinating effectively with other health professionals in regard to management plans, diagnostic requests and consultations.
    12. Daily review of patient progress and communication of any significant changes in the patients condition to the VMO / Staff Specialist and nursing staff.
    13. Ensuring that documentation of the patients condition is written in the patient record daily, Monday to Friday and after hours when reviewed.
    14. Initiation of change to the management plan within limitations set out by agreement with the VMO / Staff Specialist.
    15. Management of unstable patients and ensuring that an adequate handover to after hours medical staff is performed.

    Local Background & Environment St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney (SVHN) forms part of the NSW region of St Vincent’s Health Australia which is the largest diversified health care organisation within Australia’s not for profit and Catholic health care sectors. SVHN comprises some of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious hospitals; these include St Vincent’s Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospice and St Joseph’s Hospital.

    St. Vincents Hospital is a major public hospital and a principal tertiary referral hospital. St Vincents specialises in heart/lung transplantation; bone marrow transplantation; cardiology; cancer; HIV medicine; respiratory medicine; mental health; and drug and alcohol services. Centrally located in Darlinghurst, it sits on the edge of Sydney’s business district. St. Vincents follows the philosophy of the Mary Aikenhead Ministries in its service to all regardless of race, nationality or creed.

    The Hospital has a long-standing reputation for treating the highest acuity and complex patient loads, attracting referrals on a state-wide and national basis.

    The Hospital is a teaching hospital of the University of New South Wales, University of Notre Dame and has academic associations with the Australian Catholic University, Sydney University and the University of Technology, Sydney.

    Key Internal and External Relationships The Provisional Fellow is a key person who works closely with all members of staff and must:

  • Work as part of, and contribute to a multi-disciplinary team.

  • Deal with matters of an urgent or sensitive nature.

  • Exercise discretion and sensitivity, and maintain confidentiality.

  • Demonstrates leadership within a team environment and actively contribute to team activities including meetings and decision making processes.

  • Demonstrate an ability to initiate and undertake discussions with patients and their families regarding their hospitalisation, treatment and progress.

  • Communicate effectively and in a timely fashion with consultants regarding the patients under their care.

  • The Provisional Fellow is required to communicate at a high level with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. The Trainee needs to display sound communication skills to deal effectively with administrative and medical staff.

    Supervision Arrangements Supervision and support for the Lung Transplant Provisional Fellow in normal hours:

  • Immediate - Staff Specialists and VMOs

  • Within the Department - Consultant and Head of Department, Junior Medical Staff

  • Within the Hospital - Executive Manager of the Medical Workforce, Director of Medical Services and Hospital Consultants

  • By Telephone - all of the above plus Junior Medical Staff, Other Trainees on call and Executive on call

  • Supervision and support after normal hours

  • Immediate - Other Medical Trainees, Surgical Trainee, Anaesthetic Trainee, Emergency Trainee and ICU Trainee

  • Within the Department - Other Medical Trainees and Junior Medical Staff

  • Within the Hospital - Other Medical Trainees, Surgical Trainee, Anaesthetic Trainee, Emergency Trainee and ICU Trainee

  • By Telephone - all of the above plus Specialty Consultants and Trainees on call, Executive on call and Director of Basic Physician Training

  • Challenges/Problem Solving Major challenges include:

  • Balancing mandated training and education requirements with service provision, within the limitations of a busy public health service.

  • Maintaining a professional role and responsibility for patient care, in close liaison with supervising consultants.

  • Working collaboratively with other staff in a multi-disciplinary team.

  • Maximising the efficient utilisation of the physical resources of the Health Service.

  • Responsibility for supervision and teaching of more junior medical staff (i.e. junior medical officers) attached to the department.

  • Decision Making
  • Close and effective liaison with consultants will allow the Provisional Fellow to demonstrate their level of ability and understanding of patient care and enable them to expand their areas of responsibility.

  • To ensure appropriate input from key decision makers and achieve consensus when possible.

  • To appropriately allocate teaching time according to evidence of learning need.

  • To deal with matters in a confidential manner.

  • To respect the professional values of staff.

  • Communication The Provisional Fellow is a key person who works closely with all members of staff and must

  • Work as part of, and contribute to a multi-disciplinary team.

  • Deal with matters of an urgent or sensitive nature.

  • Must have the ability to exercise discretion, sensitivity and maintain confidentiality.

  • Works co-operatively within a team environment and actively contributes to team activities including pro-actively participates in team meetings and decision making processes.

  • Performance Monitoring The Provisional Fellow is responsible for:

    Participating in ongoing review of their clinical practice;
    Participating in continuing medical education and professional development; and
    Maintaining his/her professional competence.

    The Director, Department of Thoracic Medicine will supply supervision reports on the Provisional Fellows performance.

    Additional Information
    Additional Documents no addditional documents have been provided

    College Royal Australasian College of Physicians
    Organisation Chart 2021 - Organisation Chart - Provisional Fellow.pdf
    Job Demands Checklist Click Here to View
    Selection Criteria 1: MBBS or equivalent, currently registered or eligible for registration with the Medical Board of Australia

    2: Demonstrated commitment to Respiratory Medicine Advanced Training program.

    3: Applicants for this position should have completed training in Thoracic Medicine with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians or its equivalent.

    4: Demonstrated ability to work independently within a supervised complex clinical environment utilising excellent clinical skills, judgment and expertise.

    5: Demonstrated teamwork, time management and problem solving skills as part of a multidisciplinary team.

    6: Demonstrated excellent communication skills (verbal and written) and computer skills.

    7: Personal integrity and demonstrated commitment to the Mission and Values of the Mary Aikenhead Ministries.