Manager Information Access Team

Promptly and efficiently release information on behalf of the Information Access Team in accordance with the

Information Act 2002 .

Context Statement: To administer the day-to-day responsibilities for the provision of releasable information in accordance with various

statutory and policy obligations including the Information Act 2002 , and provide effective leadership to staff of the Information Access

Team and policy support to the Assistant Director Information Management.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Ensure the agency meets it statutory obligations (e.g.: Information Act 2002, Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act 2004,

Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2006 ).

2. Provide confidential police information, where required, and to advise on appropriate policies and processes for the release of

confidential police information in a manner that is consistent with the Privacy Principles, applicable legislation and other policy


3. Coordinate and manage staff actioning the agency’s responses to all Freedom of Information applications and other formal statutory

and non-statutory information exchange processes involving government agencies and industry, ensuring compliance with the

Information Privacy Principles.

Selection Criteria

1. Ability to discern and deal with sensitive matters with diplomacy, tact and complete confidentiality.

2. Strong oral and written communication skills, with the demonstrated ability to provide advice to agency staff and members of the

public about legislative regimes with an emphasis on information access and release and maintenance of Information Privacy


3. Demonstrated organisational skills of a high order, including an ability to work under pressure and complete tasks within required

timeframes, be flexible, self-motivated, exercise initiative and attend to detail.

4. Demonstrated administrative skills, including experience in word processing and knowledge of standard Microsoft Office software,

with a demonstrated knowledge of large agency databases.

5. Ability to adopt continuous improvement principles and apply them to the team-work situation.

6. Demonstrated experience in staff management and team leadership with a focus on providing a high level of customer service and

to meet statutory deadlines.

7. An ability to interact effectively with people of diverse cultures.

8. Sound knowledge of the principles of Equity and Diversity and Occupational Health and Safety.

1. Qualifications in Law or Business.

2. Knowledge of Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services practices.

Further Information: The successful applicant must consent to a check by Police of criminal records and intelligence data to confirm

they have no significant criminal history record.