Collection Specialist

Responsible for actioning back office credit management process and provides specialist support to key

customers with the management of their energy accounts when identified in financial hardship.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

1. Investigate and resolve complex debt recovery action with all electricity consumers across the Territory.

2. Maintain and promote a high standard of quality and timely customer service including responding to customer and

internal stakeholder’s enquiries and information requests.

3. Actioning disconnections and associated processes ensuring a strict compliance with regulatory obligations and within

Jacana Energy’s Policies.

4. Identify assess, prepare and monitor customer accounts for submission to the credit reporting bureau and relevant credit

collection agencies.

5. Produce reports as required and participate in the review, development and implementation of debt recovery procedures

and policies ensuring continuous improvement.

6. Comply with the NTPS and Jacana Energy Code of Conduct, NTPS and Jacana Energy policies and procedures as well as

other relevant regulatory guidelines.

Selection Criteria – Essential

1. At least 3 years’ experience in a Northern Territory Electricity Market (NT) or similar

2. Demonstrated experience and understanding of debt recovery operations, whilst maintaining customer service within the

legislated requirements.

3. Well-developed verbal and written communication skills including the ability to interact effectively with people from

diverse cultures, with a specific focus on effective customer relations.

4. Demonstrated interpersonal and motivational skills to work as a team member in a multi-skilled work group to achieve

positive outcomes for customers and the organisation.

5. Knowledge of Privacy and Credit Legislations and the commitment to maintain confidentiality at all times.

6. Proven ability to manage own performance, including the ability to exercise initiative, discretion, confidentiality, problem

solving and decision making.

7. A commitment to providing a high standard of customer service and operating within the values of Integrity, Innovation,

Teamwork, Diversity and Employee Wellbeing.

Selection Criteria – Desirable

1. Experience in a National Retail Utility or similar related large service based customer business.

2. Knowledge of the relevant regulations legislation and operational guidelines in National Electricity Market.