1st Assistant Editor

Are you a passionate 1st Assistant Editor ready to join the studio that brought you Nickelodeon's Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? We're currently hiring for a series for LEGO! If you love action-packed animation and draw inspiration from artists and styles the world over then we're keen to talk to you!

Working closely with the Director and the Editor, the 1st Assistant Editor is a pivotal role in the team which requires an equal blend of creative and technical skills so we’re looking for someone who can:

  • Provide editorial assistance and technical support to the Editor;
  • Manage the import and export of various file formats in Avid Media Composer to meet production needs;
  • Work with the Editor/s on animatics, including dialogue takes, sound effects and music cues;
  • Assist with assembling sequences in preparation for the editor/s to review;
  • Delivering and updating scenes to and from editorial;
  • Organise and track all dialogue from the US and Shanghai recording studios (You do not need to speak Chinese).
  • Assist production with tracking of dialogue changes and updates from scratch to final dialogue;
  • Record scratch track as required by Production, Director or Editor;
  • Help create and maintain a library of sound effects and music cues relevant to the style of the film;
  • Participate in meetings about story and edit pipeline to ensure a smooth process throughout production;
  • Work with various departments, ie: storyboard or production to manage the flow of files from and to editorial so edits are always up to date;
  • Liaise with the Editor and production crew to manage priorities and demands on a daily basis, as well as taking responsibility for general workflow within the editorial department;
  • Quality control of all cuts that leave editorial;
  • Adhere to the delivery schedule as outlined by Production for delivery of final materials for the film;
  • Prepare various materials for studio and audience screenings.
You must have a thorough knowledge of Avid Media Composer, a great eye for detail, excellent problem solving skills and Shotgun experience is a plus!