Māori Women’s Health Advisor/Hauora Wahine Māori Advisor

Māori Women’s Health Advisor/Hauora Wāhine Māori Advisor Position Description

Position Description

Incumbent: New position Job title: Māori Women’s Health Advisor/Hauora
Wāhine Māori Advisor

Reporting to: Head of Aotearoa New Zealand
National Office

Department: New Zealand Office

Salary/Classification: Confidential Employment Status: Permanent part-time, 30 hours
per week

Direct Reports: None Updated: October 2020

The Organisation:
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) is the leading
standards body responsible for the training and education of specialists and GP obstetricians in obstetrics and
gynaecology in Australia and New Zealand.

RANZCOG is committed to the establishment and maintenance of the highest possible standards of practice in
women’s health and provides programmes in training, accreditation and continuing professional development (CPD)
that are responsive to the evolving health care needs of women.

RANZCOG supports research into women's health and act as an advocate for women's healthcare by forging
productive relationships with individuals, the community and professional organisations, both locally and

RANZCOG acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Custodians of the lands, waters and communities across
Australia, on which our members live and work, and to their Elders, past, present and future. RANZCOG recognises
the special status of Māori as tangata whenua in Aotearoa New Zealand and is committed to meeting its obligations
as Te Tiriti o Waitangi partners.

Our Values:
RANZCOG Staff are expected to uphold our values:

Advocacy - We are a leading voice for equity, social justice, fairness and evidence-based policy.

Education - We embrace the opportunity to learn, share knowledge and experience through innovation, discovery
and research.

Excellence - We are committed to performance at the highest standard in our work, training, research and support.

Integrity - We act honestly, ethically and with accountability towards everyone and in everything we do.

Kindness - We act with compassion and care towards ourselves and one another.

Respect - We expect and promote inclusivity, valuing individual rights, beliefs and choices.

Māori Women’s Health Advisor/Hauora Wāhine Māori Advisor Position Description

Your Role:
Your mahi will involve helping RANZCOG to make progress in our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. You will work
with the Head of New Zealand National Office, other New Zealand staff, and committees He Hono Wāhine and Te
Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku to develop and implement strategies and initiatives to enhance hauora wāhine Māori and to
support growth in the Māori O&G workforce in New Zealand.

Key Responsibilities:
• Working with the Head of New Zealand National Office and He Hono Wāhine to develop strategies and

initiatives to support and grow the O&G workforce and improve health outcomes for Māori women and

  • Contributing to or preparing submissions, or co-ordinating advocacy efforts, related to women’s health and
health equity and improving health outcomes for Māori.
  • Co-ordinating projects, initiatives, activities and events related to supporting and growing the Māori O&G
workforce and improving health outcomes for Māori women and whanau. This will include contributing to
the work of the wider New Zealand team and is likely to include a wide range of activities.
  • Support the ongoing development of cultural safety and competence within the O&G workforce through co-
ordination and promotion of training and professional development.
  • Committee administration support, in conjunction with the Head of New Zealand National Office, for He
Hono Wāhine including preparation of agendas, minutes and follow up activities
  • Advice to Head of New Zealand National Office, other New Zealand team colleagues and Australian
colleagues to foster knowledge of te ao Māori and te reo Māori within RANZCOG.

Key Selection Criteria:
The Ideal Candidate will have:

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of te ao and tikanga Māori and effectively able to engage with Māori
and non-Māori to advance outcomes for Māori.
  • Fluency in te reo Māori.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and how it applies in health.
  • An interest in, and commitment to, women's health and improving health outcomes for Māori. Experience
in a health or medical environment would be an advantage.
  • Experience in planning/organising activities and events or project management, and a focus on getting
things done and making a difference.
  • Policy experience and experience working in a government or advocacy context
  • Highly developed oral and written communication skills with an eye for detail including document
preparation and formatting.
  • Ability to work independently, prioritise tasks and work efficiently.
  • A positive, friendly and flexible attitude.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well within a team and to collaborate.
  • Communication skills to mentor and coaching colleagues to support the development of cultural capability
in te ao Māori.
  • Ability and willingness to assist in all tasks big and small.
  • Proficient use of common computer applications, including MS Office, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Ability to work some weekends (about four times per year) or additional hours for meetings or events –

time-in-lieu will be available.
• Open to occasional travel.

As an Ideal Candidate you will have:

  • Tertiary qualification or relevant training/experience
  • Experience in health, policy or cultural advisor roles

Māori Women’s Health Advisor/Hauora Wāhine Māori Advisor Position Description

Key Challenges:
Short, medium and long term goals:

  • Working collaboratively across RANZCOG to influence growth in the Māori O&G workforce and outcomes
for wahine Māori.
  • Create stronger awareness and greater consideration of health equity and the needs of wāhine Māori and
the needs of Māori O&Gs, trainees and future trainees, in all RANZCOG work.

RANZCOG makes progress in enacting its commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Workplace Health and Safety:
All employees have a personal responsibility to work safely and to abide by health and safety legislation, policies,
rules and established safe work practices. All employees are responsible for their own safety and that of fellow