46-2020 - APS Level 5 - Executive Level 1, Analysts, MECD, T...

About the Divisions

Macroeconomic Conditions Division

Macroeconomic Conditions Division (MECD) in Macroeconomic Group provides advice on economic conditions in Australia and internationally and produces the Government’s economic forecasts and long term economic projections. The successful candidates will contribute to the Division’s analysis of the economic outlook and the production of economic forecasts. They must be able to assess and analyse information about the state of the economy and its prospects from a wider range of economic data, policy and other factors, and tailor their communication to suit different audiences.

Tax Analysis Division

Tax Analysis Division (TAD) in Revenue Group provides quantitative advice on all aspects of the tax system and works collaboratively with a range of policy divisions within Treasury and with external agencies to develop modelling and advice for the Government. TAD uses a range of datasets and quantitative approaches to produce revenue forecasts, build new modelling capability, estimate the impacts of policy settings on households, businesses and Government revenue. TAD also plays a central role in coordinating the revenue sections of the Budget papers.

About the Role

Treasury is seeking quantitative analysts for the Macroeconomic Conditions Division and Tax Analysis Division. The merit pool may be used to fill further vacancies within Treasury.

Analysts will undertake a range of responsibilities including:

  • completing analytical, forecasting and modelling tasks under supervision by or with guidance from an EL2 manager (or EL1 team leader for APS4-6)
  • helping to build and maintain data management and governance systems for products and regular briefing materials
  • quantitative analysis of policy
  • developing and maintaining productive relationships with other government agencies and with stakeholders in the private sector and in academia
  • assisting in the preparation of reports, briefings to ministers and senior officials, submissions to Cabinet, speeches, replies to parliamentary questions and other correspondence
  • assisting EL2 managers (or EL1 team leaders for APS4-6) by working with relatively junior analysts on modelling and analytical work and coaching other members of the team.

EL1s are expected to perform the above roles more independently and with limited supervision by an EL2 Manager. EL1s may also take on a ‘Team Leader’ or ‘Project Leader’ role and have responsibility for staff development, and /or for individual projects, models or releases, under the supervision of an EL2 Manager.