Organisational Change Manager - ICT

  • Contract until 31st March 2021 (possible extension)
  • Develop the OCM Strategy, the OCM Plan (including Training Plan)
  • Please call Renee Clayton 0477 778 449 or

The Organisational Change Manager’s prime function is to coordinate, assist and support in communications, organisational change, and benefits realisation for the project.

Responsibilities include:

  • Cultivate high levels of stakeholder engagement, implementing reviews and process to ensure successful outcomes, and fostering innovation, team work and change fluency.
  • Assist the Project Manager with preparing the Project Executive and Change Leaders to own and lead the change, including developing workforce capability and change fluency.
  • Develop the Organisational Change Management (OCM) Strategy, the OCM Plan (including Training Plan), Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan, Benefits Dependency Network and Benefits Realisation Plan and associated documentation.
  • Perform stakeholder analysis, assist with the collation and reporting on stakeholders issues, requirements, and expectations.
  • Together with the Project Manager, take responsibility for execution of strategies and plans as described in the above deliverables including the management of communication events and training delivery.
  • The OCM role in the design and delivery of the system related and associated business process training will be determined throughout the procurement stages however at a minimum the OCM will be responsible for the development of the Training Needs Analysis, the planning, quality approval and coordination of the training design and delivery responsibility of the vendor and business units .
  • Identify other projects and operational activities, making linkages and developing strategies that minimise disruption to and maximise value and benefits for stakeholders.
  • Work closely with and support the Project Manager to ensure that the project is in strategic alignment with organisational strategies, business planning and performance planning.
  • Work closely with the Replacement Project Team to identify opportunities for improvement within the project and affected businesses, and to identify and articulate project benefits at high and detail levels.
  • Participate in stakeholder workshops and other stakeholder interactions using observation, questioning and active listening.
  • Support Analysts to identify gaps and opportunities, and to validate and agree business requirements with stakeholders.
  • Coordinate and create various communication channels to promote and maintain consistent and relevant messages to the agreed audience with a focus on continuous improvement and business continuity.
  • Assess, monitor and report on the change readiness of key stakeholder groups.
  • Build relationships to encourage participation, co-operation and support for the rollout of systems.
  • Work closely with the Project Manager to identify and manage the Transition Process as it moves to a newly implemented solution.

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